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Lumberjack Tree Removal

Long Islanders have trusted LI Lumberjack to create greener, safer and more beautiful suburban landscapes for over 25 years now. Our certified tree specialists can help enhance tree health with their professional tree trimming, tree shaping and hazardous tree or limb removal skills. We can also remove unsightly, dangerous tree or shrub stumps.

Our experienced teams can also enhance your property's beauty and functionality by designing tough, visually appealing retaining walls. We create custom landscape walls from high-quality materials and our expert construction crews can also transform formerly useless property slopes into more useful, stunning landscapes.

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Tree & Lumberjack Services

Our tree specialists enhance tree health and safety via professional trimming, shaping & hazardous limb removal. We'll create a greener, safer and more beautiful landscape.
Tree Services

Rock Walls & Boulder Walls

A garden rock wall is both decorative and functional. It provides support, prevents erosion and defines spaces. Rock walls add texture, appeal and interest to the landscape.
Rock Walls

Landscape Masonry Projects

Elevate your outdoor spaces with enduring beauty. Our skilled artisans will craft fireplaces, seating areas and retaining walls, to blend natural materials for a visually striking landscape.
Masonry Services

Heavy Equipment Projects

Our emergency tree services crew swiftly respond to tree-related crises such as storm damage, fallen trees or hazardous situations. Call LI Lumberjack 24/7/365!
Land Clearing

Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree
Crowning & Tree Removals

Tree pruning and tree trimming are vital arboricultural practices that involve cutting back overgrown branches to enhance appeal, tree health and safety. Pruning, a more precise technique, involves selective removal of dead or diseased branches, encouraging new growth and improving aesthetics. Crown reduction, often called tree crowning, focuses on reducing a tree’s height and spread, preventing hazards and maintaining its shape. Sometimes tree removal is necessary, especially for diseased or hazardous trees. Our skilled arborists employ safety measures and equipment to safely fell trees while minimizing environmental impact. Keep in mind that responsible tree care ensures the vitality of our green landscapes and the safety of our communities. 

Retaining Walls, Stone Walls, Rock Gardens
& Rock Wall Construction

Thinking of a retaining wall for your property? Retaining walls manage soil erosion, create level terraces and enhance landscape aesthetics. Stone walls, crafted from various materials like fieldstone or natural rocks, offer durability and rustic charm, making them ideal for retaining walls. Maybe you are interested in a rock garden…  Rock gardens  emulate natural rocky landscapes and usually feature a blend of stones, soil and plants. They provide low-maintenance beauty and thrive in challenging environments. Rock wall construction demands skill and precision, often involving stacking or mortaring stones to ensure stability. Creative designs, incorporating various stone shapes and sizes, result in stunning, functional structures. Whether for erosion control or ornamental purposes, these features add character and function to outdoor spaces, showcasing the enduring appeal of natural materials in landscaping. Call us today and we can talk about your wishes. 

Tree Surgeon, Tree Care Specialists, Tree
Preservation & TREE Inspections

Our experienced tree surgeons and care specialists are essential in maintaining the health and safety of trees. They possess expertise in tree preservation, which involves techniques like pruning, trimming and soil care to promote a tree’s longevity and vitality. Regular inspections by our pros will help identify diseases, structural issues or potential risks, enabling early intervention to mitigate hazards. Our tree care specialists conduct comprehensive risk assessments, evaluate factors such as tree condition, proximity to structures and other environmental factors. This information guides informed decisions on tree maintenance or – if necessary – tree removal. Tree care specialists play a crucial role in preserving our urban forests, ensuring their well-being and the safety of the surrounding environment. If you have a suspect tree you care about, give us a call and we will come inspect it for you and plan for its healing. 


Our and clearing services involve the removal of vegetation, trees, rocks and obstacles to prepare land for construction, agriculture or landscaping. We remove trees and shrubs from the land, which may include cutting, stump removal and disposal. We can clear underbrush, bushes and smaller vegetation to make way for larger projects. As lumberjacks by trade, we easily remove roots and stumps of vegetation, ensuring a clean surface for construction or agriculture. LIL also levels and shapes land for construction, agriculture or landscaping purposes. Our equipment can also be used for digging trenches for pipe and removing soil or rock to create a specific landscape or prepare for construction.

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Tree Inspection and Health Assessment
  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Tree Planting and Transplanting
  • Tree Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Insect Infestation Management
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Tree Preservation and Conservation
  • Root Pruning and Barrier Installation
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Tree Risk Assessment and Management
  • Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration
  • Hazardous Limb Removal
  • Tree Inventory and Management Plans
  • Vegetation Management and Brush Clearing.
  • Brush and Undergrowth Clearing
  • Tree Clearing and Removal
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Site Preparation for Construction
  • Field and Pasture Clearing
  • Forest Clearing and Timber Harvesting
  • Right-of-Way Clearing for Roads and Utilities
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization
  • Land Grading and Leveling
  • Debris Hauling and Disposal
  • Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
  • Lot and Property Clearing for Development
  • Land and Property Cleanup
  • Bush Hogging and Mowing Services
  • Mulching and Chipping of Vegetation
  • Land Clearing Consulting and Planning.
  • Garden Wall Construction
  • Patio Installation
  • Walkway and Pathway Construction
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Installation
  • Fire Pit and Fireplace Construction
  • Pergola and Gazebo Installation
  • Deck and Porch Construction
  • Pool Deck Installation
  • Water Feature Design and Installation
  • Stone and Brick Masonry Work
  • Concrete Paving and Stamping
  • Irrigation and Drainage System Integration
  • Outdoor Living Space Design
  • Seating Wall Construction
  • Stone Steps and Staircases
  • Sports Court Installation (e.g., tennis, basketball).
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