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Retaining Walls, Stone Walls, Rock Gardens
& Rock Wall Construction

Retaining walls are crucial for managing soil erosion, creating level terraces, and enhancing landscape aesthetics. Stone walls, crafted from various materials like fieldstone, boulders, or natural rocks, offer durability and rustic charm, making them ideal for retaining walls. Rock gardens, designed to emulate natural rocky landscapes, feature a harmonious blend of stones, soil, and plants. They provide low-maintenance beauty and can thrive in challenging environments.

Rock wall construction demands skill and precision, often involving stacking or mortaring stones, including boulders, to ensure stability. Creative designs, incorporating various stone shapes and sizes, result in stunning, functional structures. Whether for erosion control or ornamental purposes, these features add character and function to outdoor spaces, showcasing the enduring appeal of natural materials in landscaping.

Not only are we fully-insured with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, but we go above and beyond for your protection by carrying an additional umbrella policy, which is very important in our industry. We will continue to build our esteemed reputation in the community as being a knowledgeable, professional, reliable arbor and landscape building and maintenance company. We are the only company you will need for any of your tree, plant health care, lawn care or land maintenance need.

EXPERT Masonry Construction

L.I.T.S. IS skilled in a wide range of structures using bricks, stones, or concrete blocks. This can involve building walls, facades, chimneys, retaining walls, fireplaces, and other architectural features. Skilled masons carefully lay and bond these materials together using mortar, creating structurally sound and visually appealing buildings.

AMAZING Repairs and Restoration

we excel in repairing and restoring existing masonry structures. Over time, masonry can deteriorate due to weathering, age or other factors. we are called to repair cracks, replace damaged bricks or stones, re-point mortar joints, and restore the structural integrity and aesthetics of buildings. This is essential in preserving historic and older structures.

SPECIALIZED Hardscape & Landscaping

Masonry companies like ourselves often work in landscaping and hardscaping projects to create outdoor features like patios, walkways, driveways and garden walls. WE use materials such as pavers, boulders, concrete or natural stone to design and build these outdoor elements, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

Patios & Walkways

New patios and walkways offer functionality and aesthetic appeal to landscapes. Patio and walkway installation services provide a foundation for leisure and easy navigation while enhancing the overall design. The choice of materials like pavers, bricks, or natural stone allows for customization and durability, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall construction involves building walls to manage slopes, prevent erosion and enhance a landscape's appeal. These walls serve functional and decorative purposes in landscaping projects.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplace and kitchen installation entails designing and constructing functional, attractive outdoor cooking, or living spaces. These projects utilize masonry materials to create a blend of aesthetics and practicality in outdoor environments.

Custom Rock & Boulder Walls

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