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LI Lumberjack offers a comprehensive range of tree removal and tree-related services for residential and commercial clients. Our tree trimming services in Nassau and Suffolk counties include trimming trees around homes, stump grinding large and small stumps, clearing and maintaining land, removing roots, designing retaining walls and landscapes and assessing tree damage risks.

Our tree services and lumberjack crews will make short work of the toughest land and lot clearing jobs. So whether you need your land cleared for residential development, commercial development, for hunting or for general landscaping – we will get the job done right. Common home tree services can include the removal of trees, brush, logs, debris, boulders, dirt, rocks – and any other materials you need off your land. If your trees aren’t looking their best, our advice and expert pruners will increase the overall health of your beloved trees.

The goal of tree pruning is to restore and revitalize a tree’s health, aesthetics and shape. We treat, cut and remove deadwood and old branches to prevent any danger for the future. Many customers have beautiful trees that could use trimming due to branches that haven’t grown in the right way or are visually unsightly, but we can quickly remove all unsightliness and restore your trees to natural states of beauty.

25 Years Proudly Serving Long Island

We promise We'll provide expert, safe tree removal of dangerous unwanted trees, limbs and stumps. we promise We'll respect your wishes, as well as your property and landscaping. and All unwanted wood and debris will be hauled away.


LI Lumberjack's fleet of heavy equipment swiftly performs stump grinding and removals, clears extensive areas of dense trees or delicately extracts suspect trees from your backyard. Our experienced team is skilled in pruning, removal & tree health.


We specialize in serving the stump grinding, tree trimming and tree removal needs of condominium communities on LI and other homeowners in Suffolk County. Our expert team is proficient in tree pruning, emergency tree services, and tree health assessments.

BRANCH Trimming

Maintaining tree health and aesthetics requires active tree trimming. Pruning dead or overgrown branches enhances air circulation, sunlight exposure, and overall growth. Consistent trimming prevents hazards, such as falling limbs, ensuring trees remain safe and attractive in urban and natural settings, benefiting both people and the environment.


Our stump grinders will grind your old, dangerous, and unsightly tree stumps into small wood chips, efficiently and cost-effectively. This process restores landscapes and eliminates tripping hazards by preventing regrowth.

TREE Pruning

In tree pruning, we selectively remove branches to enhance a tree's structure, health, and appearance. Proper pruning stimulates growth, reduces risk, and maintains tree vitality, benefiting landscapes and ecosystems.

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